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Brightest (www.brightest.org), is a global exam provider for the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), offering most levels in English, Spanish, German and French. We collaborate with training providers around the world who prepare people for the certification exams that we offer, proudly maintaining our ISO 17024 certification as a certification provider. Our exam participants benefit from our flexible electronic exam options that are conducted via the Pearson VUE technology for groups (Brightest Green Exams) and individuals (Brightest Center Exams or Brightest Private Exams). We also follow the traditional route, organizing Brightest Paper Exams for groups throughout Europe.

On top of the theoretical ISTQB courses, we collaborate with partners around the world to support practical certifications in the area of Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence United) Agie (Agile United), Selenium (Selenium United), Design Sprint (Design Sprint Alliance), DevOps (DevOps United), Cloud (Cloud United - website coming soon), Blockchain (Blockchain United), Performance Testing (Performance Testing United) as well as many others in the development and planning stages. We are also the global exam provider for IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group) in the English, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese languages. For more information or if you have any questions, please never hesitate to contact us via info@brightest.org.

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