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Friday, June 4

10:30 EEST

Leadership: A Parental Handbook
Believe it or not, leadership and parenting are very similar. I’m not sure if it was while getting my daughter to stop cutting the cat’s whiskers while it slept, or attempting to get a junior team member to engage in learning a new skill that I noticed a crossover in many of the techniques I was using from five years as a parent and 20 years as a leader. However, once I started to pay attention I noticed similarities between parenting and leadership everywhere! It was then that I started to actively apply some parenting techniques to my work life and vice versa in areas such as communication, personnel management, team engagement, and personal mindset. The results were quite positive for my team and my family. Although, I haven't managed to get the family to use a Kanban board yet!

This talk is about my learnings from using leadership techniques with my children and using parenting techniques with my teams. I will share my learnings and stories around the topics of:
  • Growth mindset and how using this can generate grit and determination in a team 
  • Communication from the area of Gentle Parenting and how this can help strengthen understanding with team members 
  • Gamification of tasks which help keep teams focused and engaged, even when the pressure is on.

Key takeaways:
  • Identify how concepts such as growth mindset can be used personally, and within a team to produce positive results 
  • Understand how concepts such as gentle parenting can apply to leadership, and team management
  • Apply ideas from unlikely places to enhance your interactions with your team

avatar for Shey Crompton

Shey Crompton

Director, Crompton Consulting
Shey is an independent Software Tester with 20 years experience in many areas of software development. Recently, he has been working with large enterprises in order to help them transform themselves to be more modern, agile, competitive within their industries. When he is not talking... Read More →

Friday June 4, 2021 10:30 - 11:10 EEST

11:50 EEST

Keeping the Big Brother Informed: Verifying Quality When Running a Few Million Events per Day Through an Event Driven Platform on the Cloud
When working on an online casino with operations in several licensed markets we must be confident that our reports to the "Big Brother" ( the regulator authority ) are extremely accurate.

This presentation will explain briefly the problem we need to solve, the serverless solution that my team implemented and the different testing and monitoring techniques that myself as the QA in the team has used in order to assure accuracy.

We will talk about using test automation for exploring the behaviour of a data pipeline, what is the truth when the information that builds the reports is coming from different sources, how do you implement data reconciliation to be able to sleep well and which technical solutions may help you to react quick when you realise that you have lost 55 out of your 5 millions events.

Key takeaways:
  • Learn how to use light test automation to verify serveless solutions setup 
  • Learn how to use monitoring to make sure your data flies through the data pipelines
  • Learn which tools and solutions can help you control idempotency and avoid data loss

avatar for Victor Rincon

Victor Rincon

Senior Software Engineer & QA, PAF
Orignally from Spain, Victor moved to Finland in 2005 and is still there! He has tasted a few flavours of Software Development, consultancy, startup life, big corporation and now working on an online casino.Test Automation came across his path about 5 years ago and he had enjoyed... Read More →

Friday June 4, 2021 11:50 - 12:30 EEST

13:30 EEST

Simplifying Your Test Runs With ‘Make’
The ‘make’ command has been around since 1976 and was originally used to build executable programs. In this talk I want to show how this powerful tool can greatly reduce complexity and eliminate stumbling blocks of running your automated tests. This applies to both CI pipelines and local test runs on developer or QA machines.

Key takeaways:
  • Understand how automation engineers can simplify test runs using ‘make’ 
  • See the benefits of Makefiles for different use cases
  • Realize that “old” technology can be used to solve new problems

avatar for Benjamin Bischoff

Benjamin Bischoff

Knowledge Lead - Test Automation, Trivago N.V.
After being a game/application developer and trainer for 15 years, Benjamin decided two and a half years ago to make test automation his main career. Right now he is a Test Automation Engineer and Knowledge Lead in Trivago's core QA team. He focuses on the development and maintenance... Read More →

Friday June 4, 2021 13:30 - 14:10 EEST

13:30 EEST

Verifying Relationships: Consumer-Driven Contract Tests and Microservices
Microservice architecture brings many benefits but there is one potential pitfall when testing them. How do you model and test the many relationships between services? You could try integration tests but they are expensive to maintain, slow to run and come with orchestration complications. Contract testing could help with this. But the traditional contract test has a circular problem. The team writing the service defines the contract and the test. As soon as this isn’t kept up to date (only a matter of time) the test is useless. A better approach is Consumer-Driven Contract testing. Here we use the output of contract tests owned by your consumers to test your API.

This talk will introduce you to the Pact framework to write these tests and the key concepts. You will be able to avoid that integration test pack and have more time for other test activities in your team.

Key takeaways:
  • Learn why Consumer-Driven Contract Testing can be preferable to integration testing.
  • Understand the difference between the traditional Contract Test and Consumer-Driven Contract tests.
  • Get an introduction to the Pact.io framework used for creating Consumer-Driven Contract tests.
  • Hear some real-world examples of where these style of tests have helped and hindered a project.

avatar for Thomas Shipley

Thomas Shipley

Senior QA Consultant, Equal Experts
Thomas Shipley is a contract QA in London currently working with EE. He has experience across many different industries including gaming, retail and big data companies including Microsoft, Just Eat, Datasift and John Lewis. His primary focuses are automated non-functional testing... Read More →

Friday June 4, 2021 13:30 - 14:10 EEST
Väike Saal

14:10 EEST

From Rags to Riches: Turning Your Mobile Test Automation Into a Cinderella Story
In the era of DevOps and continuous deployment, more and more organisations are demanding a move from lengthy release cycles to shorter deployments - occurring weekly and sometimes even daily. To accomplish this, test automation is not only required, but is now an integral piece of the continuous integration pipeline. This is a vast contrast from how test automation was viewed not very long ago. In the past, teams treated test automation as a side project - a stepchild like Cinderella. But with its newly discovered importance, test automation is now the “belle of the ball”. So, how does this change how we develop test automation?

In this talk, Niranjani will share her experiences driving test automation from rags to riches at companies such as Lyft and Pinterest. She’ll discuss the practices of building a team and culture to support test automation, as well as failures and mishaps that they endured. She’ll also share the lessons learned of how to prepare tests and infrastructure for this new and richer lifestyle of being a part of CI/CD.

Join Niranjani on this magical journey to transform your test automation from rags to riches. You’ll learn how to dress up your test automation with design patterns that improve CI efficiency, and embark on a whimsical coach ride by wrapping your tests in containers to simplify your build process.

Key takeaways:
As part of my talk, I will be sharing the following:
  • Live coding of best design patterns to adhere to while developing a test framework 
  • Case Study with challenges and solutions based on my experience
  • How to go about inducing a testing culture at startups

avatar for Niranjani Manoharan

Niranjani Manoharan

QA Test Lead, Lyft
Niranjani is an enthusiastic engineer who is passionate about writing code to break applications!

Friday June 4, 2021 14:10 - 14:50 EEST

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